Take control of your meeting life and get your time back

Copilot is built to empower high engagement, high performance companies to achieve their goals
Enterprise calendar analytics
to unlock your team's potential
Find The Time
There are 11 million meetings each day and some days it feels like you're in all of them.

Our platform helps you understand you and your team's calendars and help you recover valuable, quality work time, sometimes doubing high performance execution.

  • Shift/Move/Eliminate meetings that fragment your day and week
  • Schedule the right meetings at the right time
  • Protect your high performance time with Go Time blocks so you can get the right things done
Focus on Priorities
We understand the common frustration for many working for companies striving to be high performance. Your people are working hard but still can’t find the time to tackle your highest priorities.

With Copilot, our technology gives you unparalleled insights into your team and organization.

  • Understand which priorities are getting attention
  • See who's involved with each project/priority
  • Get a sense for how your priorities are going before it's too late
Make Meetings Great, Together
Meetings are where your people spend the most time but you know the least about. Copilot ends the meeting black hole.

Our 5-star rating system, improvement tags and meeting organizer feedback, gives the team the power to make real change. With Copilot's real time insight, the team can now see which meetings are working… and which ones aren’t and why.

This critical data allows you to make immediate corrections quickly to avoid larger problems.
Transparent AND Secure
Rate anonymously so that only you see how you're rating your meetings. Other users only see an aggregate of the meetings they've attended and organized. The company ratings are always a composite of a time frame and don't allow for any reverse engineering of who rated what.
All of your meetings, calendar and ratings are secured by AES 256-bit encryption and SSL.